The Women's Hockey Union will form a six-team league

Several female hockey players seek to establish a league to compete with the Premier Hockey Federation, a group of six NHL franchises. The NHL would contribute to the league by co-sponsoring women's teams through their franchises.

PWHPA's revised plan proposes a six-team league with an average pay of $55,000 per team. The league would also have a playoff system. NHL teams from both sides of the border would co-sponsor the league. In addition, there would be health and medical benefits and specific training facilities.

The league is expected to begin operations in the fall. All post-collegiate 2022 Olympians from Canada and the United States will be included.

The PWHPA's goal is to establish a sustainable professional league that the NHL will endorse. Members of the league have pledged to invest $25 million over the next three years. In addition, the league will have a 32-game schedule. The Dream Gap Tour, which would feature world-class players, would be part of it. The tour will make five-weekend visits to five different locations across North America.

PWHPA intends to grow to two additional teams in the future. The league will also feature a salary structure that includes a $55,000 minimum wage for all players. The league would have a regular season, playoffs, and benefits.

Eleven NHL teams have provided individual assistance to the PWHPA. According to its founders, the organization has developed steadily in recent years. They've made a lot of sponsorship advances.




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